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“Because he authentically governs himself, only a madman can be free”.

“I found myself as I transformed the Scarzuola; it shaped me.
Through my evolution, I rediscovered the jokester in me 
something I’d forgotten, but something I always was”.

Marco Solari was born in Genoa in 1949; he explored all walks of life, working in various fields, from financial roles to jewelry designer. He took over the Scarzuola from his Uncle Tomaso Buzzi in the early eighties, a space where he continues to live.

He is the owner, builder, caretaker, and the soul of the “complicated” property.

Solari has laid the foundation and bones of La Scarzuola for forty years, manifesting Buzzi’s design and bringing a spiritual energy to the place. He gave it his all while building the project and repairing the Franciscan complex, all while infusing the stones with a breath of vitality, bringing forth an ancestral vibration and illuminating hidden hieroglyphs. Visitors are surrounded by surreal, dreamlike, irreverent, and unruly pathways that lead through the garden and volcanic tuff, evoking melodies that resonate with the mind and this Great Work’s colours that take the soul back in time.

Marco notes that he is indeed unruly, misbehaved himself, telling you to go to hell, treating you like an idiot, and stealing your 10 euros per visit.


“Buzzi’s music was fondamental. Every stone’s placement creates a frequency. Everyone feels something different…But then again, all of it has to be cancelled out by insanity. It’s not a mission, that would be far too heavy; it is ironic theatre. Buzzi sets three sorts of scenes in his theatre: comedies call for a modern city, dramas for the modern city joined by ancient buildings, and satire calls for the natural world.”

La Scarzuola has an itinerary that is both symbolic and alchemic that unabashedly unveils the metaphor of all lives, and the initiatory relationship between the convent (the sacred city), and the theatre (the profane city). It is filled to the brim with symbols, secrets, references and notions. Built next to a convent founded by St. Francis in the 3rd century, giving it a sacred vein; the underlying maze is covered by the ethereal theatrical structures, spaces created with universal balance, echoing the grounding tone of C, a winged eye of truth watching unfolding cryptic codes. From the amphitheater complete with an oyster and pearl, the Great Mother figurehead, the mouth of Jonah, the 12 labours of Hercules, the door representing Love that conquers all, the cypress struck by a bolt of Jupiter’s lighting, and the crystal pyramid held within the Tower of Babel. Navigating the dark within each of us, with ouroboros clock winding back the time, pushing flowers towards the stars, spiritualizing matter and materialising the spirit. La Scarzuola is dreamlike, nocturnal, a concrete dream in seven theatrical scenes, a metaphor for each of our lives, revealing the Matrix code, and the One.

“La Scarzuola is a prescription medicine that may cause grave side effects”.